Five Tips For Submitting Documents For Account Verification

Casino workers examine hundreds of documents every day, and they have an eye for the correctness of them. But what about the players? How to understand what exactly is needed? Despite the fact that the live casino roulette malaysia rules always indicate which documents are required to confirm an account, and a support agent can consult on this issue, often refusals to accept documents come for seemingly unexpected reasons.

Send documents without cropped edges, in good quality, without overlapping photos or other data . Such documents are most often rejected.

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The registration page is not a confirmation of the address of residence , no matter how strange it may sound. Online casinos, which are mostly foreign, are not used to such documents. In addition, the date is the most important on the document with the address. It must be no earlier than 3 months from the current date .

Don’t try to fix anything with Photoshop . Yes, maybe you don’t really want to go to the bank for a “fresh” statement, and it’s easier to just correct the date on an old document using a simple program. Don’t risk it! Not only in large, but also in relatively small casinos, inspectors use modern technologies. If your trick is opened, the account will be immediately blocked and closed. It will be especially unpleasant if you already have winnings on your account that you can never get.

Remember that if you have used more than one method to make a deposit, you will have to send a confirmation to each of them . Moreover, the casino has the right to temporarily cancel the validation of your account if, after you have been verified with one payment method, you have used another. Withdrawals will only be available after the missing confirmation has been sent.

Protect your data ! The casinos do not need the digits of your card number, they only need to confirm that it belongs to you. Leave the first six and last four digits open, and hide the rest. It is also imperative to hide the three-digit CVV-code on the back of the card.

Sending the necessary documents is a guarantee of quick account verification and, accordingly, the possibility of withdrawing winnings. If the casino takes too long to check your documents, then you may have reason to doubt its reliability. But more often than not everything is not as bad as you might think. Remember that no matter how quickly, according to the casinos, they withdraw money, the time of the check during this period is not included, and the check can take up to 48-72 working hours .…